Children’s Programs

As coaches ourselves, albeit not equestrians, my husband and I are very aware of what it takes to effectively communicate with students. Kim and Sara have been working with our young daughters for the past year and we have been most impressed with how they are able to challenge both girls and cater to their abilities and even, at times, their fears. We have watched our eldest completely blossom into a confident rider who looks as much at home on top of her horse as standing next to it. Our youngest, only six years of age, has been the biggest surprise in that she tacks up her horse almost on her own, jumps on and is now off cantering and looking to show soon. We are so happy we found 3 Peas in a Pony and can’t imagine riding anywhere else. -Trina and Tom Erhard


At 3 Peas in a Pony, children learn all about the horse, both in the saddle and around the barn.  Children learn how to care for their horse with instruction on equine behavior; veterinary and hoof care; and horse feeds/grains.  Children also quickly become proficient on horseback, and with the gentle guidance of our schooling horses, all students acquire the skills that make them comfortable and capable in the saddle.

Our Children’s Program operates within levels. We encourage Level One and Level Two children to also join one of our Beginner Day Camps, an exciting and engaging way to jump-start your child’s education.

Level One: An Introduction to Horses

Introductory Package: Purchase a package of four private lessons.

Level Two: Children’s Riding Basics I

Children work with Kimberley one-on-one through the child’s tenth lesson until the child learns how to ride and handle his/her own horse.

Level Three: Children’s Riding Basics II

Your child, once proficient and comfortable around his/her horse, will join other children in semi-private/group lessons.  This is the time to meet friends and play horses together!

Level Four: Leasing Program

After approximately 20 riding lessons, children join the Leasing Program and continue their education with their very own horse.

About Our Leasing Program

The 3 Peas in a Pony Leasing Program offers those children who are interested in continuing riding an opportunity to take on a horse as if it were his/her own horse.  By offering children access to their horse outside of a scheduled lesson, children become responsible and conscientious ‘horse-owners’ as well as gaining considerable skill on horseback.

For the intermediate and advanced level students, we offer a extra-curricular activities, a rigorous working student program, a fun and very busy competition schedule.


Rates for children Levels 1-4:

Private Lesson:  $45/hour
Group Lesson:  $35/hour

Kimberley with kidsAt Level 4 or higher, rates remain as above for a child in the Leasing Program. Rates will increase $10/hour for those children continuing on a schooling horse.

Grooming/Petting Session: $20/child – 15 minutes
Birthday Parties/Pony Rides: $45/child – 2 hours
Contact Kimberley to discuss how 3 Peas in a Pony could be the perfect match for your little horse-lover!