• Freeeeedommmm!!!

    Posted on June 26, 2017 by

    Hello, hello!!

    We’re heading back to our favorite venue for an Independance Day celebration- it’s FREEDOM FEST at Skyline!!!😁

    XC Schooling on Thursday:

    Balou 1-2

    Lola 2-3



    Kim’s trailer: Balou, Lola, Riata, Hal
    Anika’s trailer: Gwen pick-up! Is that cool with you, Anika? That way, you don’t have to do the dirt roads!
    Ahdena: Gigi and Gani to join us on Friday morning!

    *My trailer will leave the barn on Thursday at 10:30am!

    **Most peeps seem have accommodations but give me a shout if you’re stuck; there are a few campers with spots, as well as hotel rooms!

    And then this is who I have riding on each day- correct me if you see any mistakes:

    2-Phase (Friday):
    Skye, Ahdena, Gigi, Mariam, Jax, Zeke, Lizzie, Magnum, Lola, Kacie

    Mini (Saturday):
    Skye, Mariam, Jax, Lizzie, Faith, Kacie, Ellen, Ashley, Jan

    I can’t wait- it’s going to be FUN!!!🎉

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  • Golden Spike this weekend!!!

    Posted on June 12, 2017 by

    Hey guys!!

    It’s Golden Spike this weekend and after our wonderful show on Saturday, it looks like everyone is pumped and rearin’ to go (hopefully not literally).

    Here’s a tentative schedule:

    We’ll leave the barn bright and early on Friday morning.  How about a 7am departure, putting us at GS at 8:30?  This should give everyone plenty of time to set up their horses, their stall, the tack stall, and our 3 Peas village:)


    My trailer: Hal, Gigi, Satine
    Sara’s trailer: Ellie, Betty, Soro
    Ahdena’s trailer: Gani, Bones

    As far as Friday schooling, let me know if you’d like to work on your dressage or your show jumping.  There are schooling show jumping rounds being offered, and here’s the schedule:

    10:30-11:00 PRELIM
    11:00-11:45 TRAINING
    11:45-12:45 NOVICE
    12:45-1:45 BEG NOVICE
    1:45-2:45 INTRO

    Schooling rounds are $20 so bring your cash with you!

    If you’d like to work on your dressage instead, we’ll set a schedule once I have a head-count of who’d rather work on the flat:)

    This is the general gig but we’ll adjust the rest of the details as they come up.  I can’t WAIT!!!



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  • 2017 Peas 2-Phase Ride Times 6/10

    Posted on June 9, 2017 by

    Final ride times for tomorrow!!  See you then!!!!:)))





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    Posted on June 4, 2017 by




    2017 Peas Schooling Show

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  • We’re having CHICKEN this weekend!!!:)

    Posted on May 23, 2017 by

    Hey everyone!! It’s Chicken Time- whoop whoop!!!

    Here’s a schedule for our schooling over the next few days.

    On Thursday, my trailer will depart NF at 9:00am, so have your things loaded! Sara and Ahdena’s trailers will leave at 11am. And Kelly? I’ll get you and Anne Marie in touch and you can coordinate:)

    My trailer: Gigi, Hal, Satine, Soro
    Sara’s trailer: Balou, Bones, Gwen
    Kellie’s trailer: Zoe, Riata
    Ahdena’s trailer: Gani, Ellie

    Since my trailer will get there earliest, we’ll drop our 3 Peas village in our normal spot, in the west parking lot. Feel free to park your campers and tents and cars as you arrive!

    THURSDAY Schooling:

    Faith, Jax, Mimi

    Mariam, Sara, Ahdena


    Katie, Keegan, Olivia

    Lizzie, Zoe

    If any of you aren’t planning on staying over but your horse’s are, get in touch with me and we’ll make sure your pony is taken care of in your absence!

    FRIDAY Dressage/Show Jump Schooling:

    You guys can choose whether or not you’d like to school dressage or show jumping on Friday, but in parentheses I put my recommendations who a few ponies I’d like schooling one or the other:). You’ll also noticed that I volunteered us to help with show jumping set up. Round up your family members and whoever else is just standing around!

    9-11am Dressage rides
    (Balou, Satine, Bones)

    11-Noon LUNCH

    Noon: SJ set up in Rodeo Arena (to help Adrienne and WPC).
    1pm-2pm: Continuation of SJ set up in Infield Arena.

    2-2:45: BN XC Course Walk
    2:45-3:30: Novice/Training XC Course Walk

    4pm-6pm: Show Jumping Rounds
    (Gwen, Riata, Faith, Tark?)

    And of course, throughout the day you’ll be bathing, cleaning tack, and getting ready for the SHOW!!:)


    7:30am-8:00: Grasshopper XC Course Walk
    8:00am-8:30 Show Jumping Course Walk

    And then the show starts!!! :):):)

    I’m sure I’ve missed lots of information, but see me if you have any questions!!:)

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    Posted on May 20, 2017 by

    Lynnleigh is tomorrow- yippee!!

    I’ve attached a document that has each of your ride times (and warm-up times- mainly for my information so I know where to be and when!) for both dressage and show jumping.  You’ll notice that I assigned each of you a specific show jumping time within the window that the secretary assigned to each division.  You certainly don’t have to show jump at that specific time and you can instead go any time during your division, but that time is the best time for me to hellllllp you:)

    Make sure that you have memorized and/or walked your course prior to your show jumping time!  They’ll offer time to do this in between each division.  And then ask me if you have any questions about how your course will ride!  Your SJ course will be posted on the board outside the arena.

    If you’ve signed up to ride an additional show jumping round (or dressage test), we’ll fit that into the schedule once we check in at the show office!

    Bring plenty of food and a water bottle- there won’t be a concession stand this time around.

    Here’s how trailering will work:

    My trailer will leave North Fields at 6:45am, so be there at 6:15 to load your pony!  This trailer-load will include the following horses: Balou, Satine, Soro, Gigi

    Ahdena will be at Lynnleigh at 12:45pm and she’ll be bringing Hal and Gwen.  Lizzie, you’re welcome to come with me and support your teammates during the day, or you can be at North Fields to help Ahdena load and you can ride down with her.  Either way, make sure your tack makes it to the show- ha!

    Any questions??  It’s going to be fuuuuuun!!!



    Lynnleigh ride times, May 21!

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  • The GRAND Showcase 2017!

    Posted on May 17, 2017 by

    Here are ride times and partner pairings for The Showcase this coming Saturday at North Fields- yippee:

    10:30-10:50: Ahdena and Genevieve (Riata)
    10:50-11:10: Jan and Georgia (Cotton)
    11:10-11:30: Katie(Satine) and Clara D.
    11:30-11:50: Keegan and Chloe (Cotton)
    11:50-12:10: Mimi and Tatum(Riata)
    1:00-1:30: Zoe and Elle (Cotton) and Aisling (Satine)
    1:30-2:00: Lizzie and Clara (Cotton) and Grace (Satine)
    2:00-2:20: Jillian and Abi (Cotton)

    If your partner is someone whom you haven’t yet bumped into at the barn, don’t worry; there’s nothing like a little overly-detailed and obsessively complex dressage riding to help bonds form!

    For the veteran Peas, you can do ANY test of your choice: Beginner Novice through Training Level. You’ll let me know (the judge-extraordinare!) which test you’re riding when you enter the ring. For the Spring Peas, you’ll be doing the USDF Intro tests A, B, or C depending on which test you learned with Ms. Sara. IF you don’t know your test, DON’T PANIC!:). The beauty of this fun showcase is that your partner will help you, showering you with all their wealth of experience in the dressage ring (and the veteran Peas are sMart!). So, if you need to learn/remind yourself of your dressage test the day of The Showcase, there’ll be plenty of time to think it over as well as other rides to watch to help you memorize.

    You’ll notice that a few of the ‘Spring Peas’ are sharing rides on some of our spectacular schooling ponies: Satine, Riata, and Cotton. I’m sure you’ll all be helpful to other Peas as we transition back and forth, not to mention cheering on one another! Ms. Sara will be available in the outdoor arena to help all of the younger Peas warm up, however; I know that some of your more experienced partners have a grrrrreat eye for some good dressage riding, so don’t be shy asking your partner for a little advice!

    Because the indoor arena will be busy hosting some stellar dressage rides, the contents of the schooling locker will be in the main barn in a stall so if you normally use schooling tack, you’ll be able to access any tack/brushes without disturbing any of the rides.

    There’ll be plenty of room for spectators and audience and all the family, so invite whomever you think would enjoy spending some time at the barn. Lunch is a potluck affair, so bring a dish to share: salads, sandwiches, dessert, you name it; we’ll be hungry horse-people so no food will go to waste! Don’t worry about bringing plates and utensils- we’ll provide the other necessary picnic items!

    **It may be best to leave your pooch at home for Saturday, given that you’ll want your other four-legged friend to be your focus:)

    PRIZES!!! Prizes will be awarded not just for nice riding and low-scoring dressage tests, but also for teamwork, memorization, and other logistical brilliance! Prizes will be awarded at 2:30 so if you can’t stick around until the afternoon, we’ll hold your booty for you:)

    Any questions?? Call Kim! Otherwise, we’ll see you on Saturday!

    Sit up tall!!


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  • Fun Jump Day This Sunday!!!

    Posted on May 11, 2017 by

    This is going to be FUN!!!

    Here’s the plan for Fun Jump Day:

    Class Descriptions:

    “Horse on Course” is, well, you and your horse on course- just a normal show jumping course!
    “Gambler’s Choice” is where each horse and rider have 70 seconds to jump as many fences as they can, each fence worth a different number of points depending on complexity.  Rails and run-outs/stops give you nooooo points!
    “Rotating Rider Relay” has teams of two and each team competes for time with the first member of the team jumping the first half of the course and the second member of the team jumping the second half of the course.
    “Cowgirl Leap” is our version of barrel racing!  Each rider completes the barrel pattern while jumping the fences in between.  No barrels or rails down, or you’re penalized!!
    “High Jump” means jumping HIGH!  There’s one fence that each rider jumps one at a time.  The fence goes up in height as each horse/rider clear it.  You’re out with a rail or refusal.  The last pair to jump the fence clean is the winner…and there’s only one winner!

    I attached a general schedule (see the green link at the end of the post) based on what I think each of you should do.  However, I’m not stopping anyone from adding or taking away a class, this is just my suggestion! **Anika, I didn’t differentiate on the schedule, but my thought was to have Jax in the first group of levels and Zeke in the second although you can pick and choose as you like:)

    You’ll notice we’re running a bit later than planned because we have plenty Peas who want to play, so there’ll be chairs for resting and snacks for y’all to stay energized and hydrated. If you’re riding in the earlier groups, feel free to arrive 15-30 minutes early to get tacked up.  Oh, and don’t forget to bring your mothers because it’s Mother’s Day!!


    Fun Jump Day Schedule, 2017


    See you then!!!

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  • 2017 3 Peas 2-Phase

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    2017 Peas Schooling Show



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  • The Event at Skyline 2017!!!

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    Hi Everyone!

    Here’s the plan for Skyline this weekend- I’m so excited!!!

    The show is over three days, which means that dressage starts on Friday.  Go to this link if you don’t yet know your ride time: http://eventing.startboxscoring.com/eventsr/skyline/ht0517/

    We’ll be leaving the barn early on Thursday morning so that we have the whole day to school show jumping/dressage, as well as bathe, braid, clean tack etc. on Thursday.

    Here’s the trailering set-up:

    My trailer: Hal, Bones, Betty, Satine
    Sara’s trailer: Gani, Ellie, Gigi
    And then we’ll meet Kacie and Faith and Ashley at the show!

    **For Ahdena, Sara, and Mimi, as of Monday it’s up in the air whether or not Gigi will join us so I’m planning accordingly but y’all can decide on which trailer to bring (Sara’s or Ahdena’s) based on whether or not Gigi is coming.  I’m sure she’ll be all ready with bells on, but we can play that by ear!

    Let’s leave North Fields at 7am, putting us to Skyline at 9am.  Deal?  The trailer will be up at the barn for hay, hay bags, tack, and suitcases on Wednesday evening.


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