• Fab warmblood mare ready for your next adventure!

    Posted on January 24, 2017 by

    Alekhine is a gorgeous, smart, and athletic 15 year old, 15.3hh American Warmblood mare who’s ready for a trail/pleasure/western horsemanship career. ‘Ale’ has done it all: she has produced several stunning WB babies; she’s had a prolific jumping career, competing up through 1.30m; she has evented at the lower levels; and now she’d like to put all her dexterity and intelligence back to work for you! This girl is brave, quiet, and ultra-smart with her feet so she’d make an exceptional trail horse, even up through the levels of competitive/extreme horsemanship. Ale would make an excellent addition to any horsey home looking to share a fun life with their four-legged friends.IMG_0202 IMG_0203

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  • 11 year old Haflinger gelding who can do it all!!

    Posted on January 16, 2017 by


    Balou is a go anywhere do anything kind of guy- a really special horse! He’s a gorgeous caramel colored Haflinger gelding, just under 15hh, and he’s built to pack any size rider. He’d make a great youth or adult horse, and he’s quick to pick up EVERYthing! Balou goes all day in the mountains by himself- in front, or in the group- and is forward, brave, point, and shoot. Balou is equally as point-and-shoot over fences and he loves to jump, having schooling through 2’6″. Balou traveled to Fresno County FP for his first event last fall where he was honest and brave and oh-so fun!! This guy is as uncomplicated and enjoyable as they come!

    UTD on everything including teeth and sheath. Absolutely NO vices- Balou loads, clips, ties, stands for the farrier, and has fabulous ground manners. This guy is just all-around cool and is a fun and well-loved addition to any barn!

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  • One more for the end of the season!

    Posted on November 9, 2016 by

    Hey everyone!

    We are getting out on cross country one more time before the weather changes. It’s going to be fun! 🐎

    ** note: we are NOT going to be at Golden Spike but rather at Pegasus in Grantsville instead. Golden Spike is making adjustments to the water complex and will have too much machinery on the course.**

    Go to pegasuseventcenter.com for directions!

    Because of some lesson restrictions, I wasn’t able to set any times as late in the day as to accommodate a full day of school. So hopefully you’re all up on your homework and can take the afternoon off😄 Let me know if you have any challenges with your ride time!!




    My trailer will have Hal, Captain, Maisy, and Satine.
    Sara and Whitney: i’m planning on you guys hauling your two but Sara, if you decide to take only Ellie, maybe you both can carpool.

    For anyone who wants to ride with me, my trailer will leave the barn at 7 AM. If we’re meeting you there, be sure to have your things packed, along with a full hay bag, tomorrow evening. And give me a heads up so that I don’t leave without you!

    Call me with any questions!🎉

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  • Lynnleigh Sept 2-phase!🎉🎉

    Posted on September 30, 2016 by

    Hey kids!

    Ride times are posted and I’m so looking forward to a fun day tomorrow! It looks as though our first ride is Jan at 9 AM, so I’d like to leave the barn at 7:15am, which will give us time to both cheer Jan on as well as settling and tacking up our own horses ūüôā

    Trailering is as follows:

    My trailer, driven by the fab Micaela (be nice to my handsome Blair, Micaela😉):

    Captain, Soro, Bones, and Gani

    I’ll be driving The Windley’s trailer (thanks, guys!!😍):

    Xena, GK, and returning with Jaida’s new pony, Koda.

    And Whitney will have her two plus Riata.

    We’ll be finished after Xena’s go, which will be around 2pm, and we should be home be about 4pm!

    Bring a cooler, lunch, and money in case you haven’t completed your entry. See you tomorrow!!

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  • One last go at Skyline before the big weekend- (Revised riding times!)

    Posted on September 16, 2016 by

    Here are the deets on our XC schooling at Skyline this Sunday, the 18th.

    Firstly, just a heads up that we will NOT be able to school water because they’re working on the complex and need it drained. This is a bummer, for sure, but we’ll be able to get some good work in either way:)

    We’re now able to get on the course earlier than anticipated, so we’ll leave North Fields at 10am in order to get to Skyline by noon.

    In my trailer is: Betty, Riata, Bones, and Hal

    In Whitney’s trailer is: Balou, Sam, and Maisy (feel free to leave the barn a little later!)

    Here are the ride times:

    12:30-2: Hal, Zeke, Zoe P
    2-3:30: Jillian, Chase, Samson
    3:30-5: Balou, Nito, Jax
    5-6:30: Ashley, Faith, Ellen

    We should be back to the barn late, around 9pm, to pack yourselves plenty of provisions!

    See you Sunday!!!


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  • Jump Clinic Take Two!!

    Posted on September 7, 2016 by

    Revised (and hopefully final) times!

    8-9:30: Ellen, Mimi, Zoe P, Chase

    9:30-11: Katie H, Olivia, Nito, Jax

    11-12:30: Abi, Aisling, Skye


    1:30-3: Elle, Heidi, Addi

    3-4:30: Sara, Mariam, Zeke, Ahdena


    8:30-10: Skye, Aisling, Brynnah

    10-11:30: Katie, Olivia, Zoe P, Chase


    12:30-2: Heidi, Addi, Abi, Elle

    2-3:30: Mariam, Mimi, Sara

    3:30-4:30: Ellen, Ahdena

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  • Jump Clinic Weekend!!

    Posted on September 7, 2016 by

    Hey everyone!

    Here’s the schedule for this weekend! ¬†I tried to account for everyone’s schedule requests, so let me know if I’ve missed anything or if you need any corrections. ¬†Anika: if your Saturday schedule has too big a gap for you (I tried to consolidate) then I can trade you for the someone in the 8am group. ¬†Stacy: I know you requested after 2pm on Sunday but I just.couldn’t.do.it. ¬†Ha! ¬†Sorry. ¬†I had to juggle the lessons schedule and schooling horses first and eeeekkk…Let me know what you think about that time and how I can help!


    8-9:30: Ellen, Mimi, Zoe P, Chase

    9:30-11: Katie H, Olivia, Nito, Jax

    11-12:30: Heidi, Addi, Abi


    1:30-3: Aisling, Skye, Elle

    3-4:30: Sara, Mariam, Zeke, Ahdena


    8:30-10: Skye, Elle, Brynnah

    10-11:30: Katie, Olivia, Zoe P, Chase


    12:30-2: Heidi, Addi, Abi, Aisling

    2-3:30: Mariam, Mimi, Sara

    3:30-5: Ellen, Ahdena, Sam


    **Bring a lunch and/or some snacks to share.  Bring your camping chair for hanging out and as usual, your family is welcome to come and watch.  See you on Saturday!!**

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  • It’s the PUMPKIN!!!

    Posted on August 24, 2016 by

    Hey everyone!

    We LOVE this time of the year: it’s the PUMPKIN!

    Here’s the schedule, starting Friday morning:

    We’ll leave the barn at 9am in order to arrive at GS around 10:30. ¬†Don’t worry if you/your kid is in school; we can load for you and meet you there! ¬†Just make sure that you’re stuff is either in the trailer or coming with you in a car. ¬†And send me a text to let me know!


    My trailer has Captain, Soro, Hadrian,  and Hal

    Sara’s trailer has Gani, Maisy, and Betty

    You can load your (freshly cleaned) tack the evening before, and it can all go in my trailer since Sara’s trailer won’t be there.

    Once we get to GS, the dressage lesson schedule is as follows:

    12:00-12:30 Mimi
    12:30-1 Anika
    1-1:30 Micaela
    1:30-2 Keegan
    2-2:30 Olivia
    2:30-3 Jillian
    3:30-4 Mariam
    4:30-5 Faith
    5-5:30 Kacie

    5:30-6:15 is Novice XC course walk
    6:15-6:45 is Intro XC course walk

    It’s probably not surprising that I can’t remember everyone’s schedules, so if I’ve forgotten yours and you’re not in a Friday practice space that’ll work for you, time-wise, let me know and we can juggle you.

    After your ride/course walk, you’ll have time to bathe your horse, clean your stall, polish your tack, and be ready for the day!

    Be aware: 3 Peas in a Pony has committed to helping the Wasatch Pony Club and WREA crew set up show jumping, starting at 4:30pm on Friday. ¬†For those of you who aren’t busy with your horses, please make yourselves available in the show jumping arena. ¬†Just a heads up: Keegan, Olivia, and Jillian, I’d be so PROUD AND HAPPY if you were there. ¬†Thanks, ladies!!!

    For Saturday morning:

    7am-7:20 Stadium course walk

    7:20-8 BN XC Course walk

    And then the show starts- whoop whoop🎉🎉🎃

    Bring your camping stuff, bring shade, bring sunscreen and food and water, bring your friends and family…it’s going to be grrrrreat!!!


    I’M SO EXCITED!!!!




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  • Live at Lynnleigh!!

    Posted on August 19, 2016 by

    Hey everyone!
    It’s Lynnleigh tomorrow!!

    Here’s who’s in my trailer: Tom, Maisy, Soro, and Phoenix

    Sara is hauling her two, and then we’ll meet Faith and Chico and Jenni down at the show. Whoop whoop!!🎉

    My trailer will leave the barn at 6:45am so we can arrive at the show at 8am. Have your stuff already packed and don’t forget to bring sunscreen, a water bottle, and food! Let me know if you’re not planning to be at the barn to help load your horse; we’ll probably start loading at 6:15

    Here are dressage ride times:

    Elke- 9:16
    Faith- 9:28
    Chico- 10:22
    Phoenix- 11:12
    Ringo- 11:18
    Keegan- 11:24
    Chase- 12:36
    Ellie- 2:02

    Show jumping will directly follow your dressage time.

    Bring it on- GO PEAS!!🎉🎉

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  • Freeeeeedom!!!!

    Posted on June 29, 2016 by

    Hey kids! Here’s the plan for our Fun Festival of Freedom at Skyline this weekend!

    My trailer will leave Northfields at 5 PM tomorrow evening. We’ll be there Thursday evening and we’ll be back Saturday evening after the mini event.

    In my trailer will be Phoenix, Soro, Maisy, and Xena. Be sure to be at the barn early enough to load hay, hay bags and all of your tack😊
    For your ride times, check www.startboxscoring.com

    Also, we’re all camping so bring your gear although feel free to grab a hotel room if you like horse showing in luxury ūüôā Either way, pack plenty of food and liquid, bring your camping chairs, and don’t forget hats and sunblock.

    Call with any questions! Can’t wait!!!!🎉🎉

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